Gippeswyck Pagan Gathering

Gippeswyck Pagan Gathering

Ticket link now live !
Our 4th annual event, (though 5th year due to 2020 being the year we don’t talk about shhh!) the Gippeswyck Gathering is a pagan monthly moot in Ipswich, we put on an annual conference event with talks, stalls, music, dancing, singers etc open to the public hoping to bring the local pagan community together new and old !
speakers this year will be:
Nigel Pearson
Pete Jennings
Val Thomas
Tim Clay
with Boudicca Border Morris
Hara Bellydance
music from Lyz LeFay
and Ginny and John (from Kiss the Mistress)
bar provided by the Random Camel house
food from ‘Fork Off It’s Vegan’
Pagan Market
and there may be possible sightings of a dead horse club

All Day

Organiser Website

Martlesham Community Hall
IP12 4PB


Gippeswyck Pagan Gathering
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