VikeFest 2022

The vikings re-enactment society invite
you to attend a viking festival
A unique, fun and educational day out, set in the beautiful rural landscape of Locko Park, near Derby.

This one-off event will bring together Viking re-enactors from across the country and the world, to recreate a large Viking army encampment, full of craftsmen, traders and warriors, allowing visitors to step back a thousand years, to when England was under threat from fierce Viking invaders.

It’s an interactive day, full of things to see and do, for adults and kids: Watch and talk to period craftsmen at work, see Viking boats up close and meet their crews and peruse and buy the exotic goods for sale at the Viking market.

Meet Viking warriors and get hands-on with their equipment. Children can have-a-go at forming their own Viking shield-wall. The highlight of the day will be the ‘Battle of Thousand Spears’, as the invading Viking army faces the Anglo-Saxon army of Mercia, in the largest Viking-era battle in the UK for a thousand years.

The Viking Festival will celebrate and illuminate a dark-age of Britain’s history.

25/06/2022 - 26/06/2022
All Day

Organiser Website

Locko Park
DE21 7BW


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